Innovation Meets Design
The Nutrithermic 24 Element Compact Base

The special nutrithermic compact base, with the force of 1.2 tons, gets inseparably adhered to the 1.2mm thick pot body made out of several light-metal layers. The bottom picks up even the lowest amount of energy extremely quickly, distributes it evenly over the entire surface and conserves it perfectly. These attributes guarantee optimal heat conduction, distribution and conservation.

Combination & Stack Cooking

Stack heating / combination cooking provides a cleaner, cooler, more energy efficient cooking environment. All the individual units can be creatively combined in any way you want. Even a whole meal can be made at one burner.

The result: energy saved and more space on the stove.

Platinum Exclusive Polishing

Platinum is constructed using the finest quality 24-element steel. Our unique & exclusive steel polishing steps are costly, but we know that this is the last surface that touches the food before it goes into our bodies. It must be clean and safe.

The Platinum Exterior Polishing (PEP) is perfect for easy clean-up and faster cooking.

The PEP finish virtually eliminates corrosion, pitting, and reaction with your food, preserving the nutritional integrity of your food.

Stay Cool Handles

The open construction of the handles in high finish makes for a more solid hold. The units are comfortable to carry, since the handles do not heat up. At the same time, they serve as practical holders for the lid

The Cradle Feature

Cover cradles conveniently in Handle. Never worry again as to where to place that cover during cooking.

The Trivet Feature

All Covers function as Trivets. From the stove to the table.

The Tempalert Knob

The Platinum TempAlert Knob lets you know, at a glance, if you are using the correct temperature. By looking at your TempAlert Knob you will know whether to increase or decrease the temperature. Enjoy reduced cooking time and eliminate pot-watching.


All Professional Platinum Cookware is manufactured using the finest steel to help ensure even cooking, maximum durability, and save time with easy cleaning. Platinum Cookware does not oxidize or rust, which means your cookware will not only last a lifetime, it will also keep its beauty and shine for a lifetime.

Water Free Cooking

Multi-layers of heat conducting metals spread heat quickly and evenly eliminating the need for oil. A vapor seal creates a vacuum in each pan and eliminates the need for excess water as well. Foods prepared the water free, low-temperature way retain more vitamins and minerals. There is only a 2% average mineral loss with our water free cooking method – up to 20 times the retention of vitamins, nutrients and minerals versus traditional cooking methods.

Dripless Pouring Edge

The edge of every pot and pan is designed to ensure that there is no drip when pouring directly from the unit. This feature is particularly beneficial by reducing mess in the kitchen.

Vapor Seal

The lid is constructed to fit perfectly and to ensure that the cooking container is closed. The condensation groove takes in the hot humid air and forms a thin layer of water between pot and lid, which closes the pot almost air-tight. This means no evaporation and no unpleasant kitchen odors – the precious nutrients cannot escape!