Enjoy The PURER Water With Carico

Water Filtration Systems

Carico’s Systems Remove Impurities, Toxic Chemicals and More, While Retaining Healthy Minerals

Carico’s Water Filtration Systems offer a complete line of advanced filters, for protection against contaminants. Carico has a solution for all your points of use, shower, bath, and kitchen with an exceptional Warranty available.

Carico’s complete line of innovative filters and purifiers deliver pure water wherever you need it. They fit everyone’s needs and budget, whether you own, rent or live in a large or small apartment or house. Our systems are the right solution for your kitchen sink, refrigerator, bathroom or even your entire home.

  • USA Made
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Do not take up valuable kitchen counter or under counter space
  • Constructed of long lasting food grade stainless steel.
  • Do not require electricity
  • Do not waste water during its purification
  • Effectively removes a long list of contaminants including but not limited to chlorine, round up and lead
  • Produces purified water on demand; no need for unsanitary storage tanks
  • Water Purification Systems

    Carico’s ULTRA TECH “Multi Stage Filtration Cartridge” utilizes a series of micro filtration devices and special absorbent compounds, strategically layered for complete purification.

    Carico’s point of use water system produces the purest water for drinking and cooking. The full spectrum cartridge.

    Our unique submicron ceramic removes

    100% Cryptosporidium (Bacteria)

    100% Giardia Lamblia Cysts (Bacteria)

    99% E Coli (Bacteria)

    99% Salmonella (Bacteria)

    99.99% Pathogenic Bacteria

    And it will STOP any particles that are 500 times smaller than a strand of human hair.


    This custom blended inner core of activated carbon block and special advanced resins removes or reduces

    100% Bad taste >99% THM’s

    >99% Pesticides >99% Chlorine

    >99% Chloramine 100% Bad odors

    >98% Heavy Metals >99% Herbicides

    99% Chloroform 96.2% Mercury

    98% Cadmium 100% Bad color

    >99% Lead >98% VOC’s

    >92% Fluoride Arsenic

    Sulfides >99% Glyphosate

    >92% Nitrates MTBE & BTEX

    (petroleum and crude oil byproducts)

    And many more!

    Whole House Water Purification System

    Carico’s system will turn tap water into “crystal clear” healthier, fresher water you can trust for all your household needs.

  • Skin feels softer / Hair becomes silkier
  • Reduces spotting
  • Prevents scale giving your water a softer feel
  • Reduces build up in pipes and appliances so items like water heaters run more efficiently, SAVING YOU MONEY
  • Effectively removes/reduces chlorine, sediment, VOC’s, and herbicides, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, such as cadmium, mercury and arsenic.
  • Carico DS Composite™ prevents scale giving the water a softer feel.

    NSF Certified KDF 55 filtration media controls bacteria, algae and fungi even in hot water. Reduces chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

    High Density Garnet Bed is designed to remove any remaining carbon fines and sediment.

    Breakthrough Magnetic field technology reverses the hard water condition and replicates soft water behavior without the use of salt or electricity. It maintains a balanced pH level, while leaving in the vital minerals that are necessary for good health.

    • Spotting is reduced.

    • Hair becomes silkier

    • Skin feels softer

    • Reduces scaling on pipes & appliances

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    Shower Filter Cutaway.no text

    Carico’s Soft ‘N Clean Stainless Steel Shower

    The only shower filter that effectively filters and provides a softening effect to your water. Carico’s shower filter uses 5 different technologies; effectively reducing chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria.

    Enjoy the benefits:

  • Healthier, younger-looking hair and skin
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp irritations
  • Reduced exposure to harmful contaminants
  • Use less soap, conditioner & shampoo
  • Less fading of color-treated hair
  • Reduced scale and scum on tubs, glass & showers
  • Adjustable massaging Miracle Flow™ showerhead
  • KDF reduces or removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and bacteria from their water. Carico DS Composite™ prevents scale giving the water a softer feel.

    Carico’s unique carbon foam blocks reduce chlorine, gases and chloramines.

    Incorporates breakthrough magnetic field technology that reverses the hard water condition and replicates soft water behavior.

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