It is right in our name.

With just a TOUCH you can create PURERAIR by using just PURERAIN. You will feel the PURER way immediately


With just a TOUCH you can wash your air. Many customers notice a PURER home within minutes. You can TOUCH the timer and clean your air while you sleep or when you leave for work. The options are endless

No filters just rain

YES, no filters. We just use WATER to remove dust and dirt from the home. Since we use water you never need to buy any filters for your machine


While washing the air enjoy other benefits

Whenever the touch is on it is always removing the dust. Customers love that you can add solutions to deodorize, sanitize and make your home smell amazing with our PURERDROPS

Breathe Easy with Purer Touch

Purer Touch is so simple to use. Just touch it and it removes dust from the air in a home or business. Many customers use their touch on a timer to clean their air 2-3 times daily. 

Learn more about how it works 

Clean Air, Pure Home

Purer Touch is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to experience pure fresh home. You can use your system to make your home smell amazing. 

Click here to learn more about the fragrance and sanitizer options 

Touch Screen and Timers

It all starts with a touch. Click here to learn how to use your touch to clean when you’re not in the room. 

Cleaner Air, Just Add Water

We only use water. So no need for nasty bags or filters. Click here to see how using just a little bit of water can clean your air, floors, and furniture with just a TOUCH. Contact us now to check out personally how you can create Purerair by us just Purerain today.