Improving the Food You Eat

The most user-friendly water free cookware
Professional Platinum Cooking System is the most user-friendly cookware on the planet and is the result of giving the very best in American innovation, Italian design, German engineering and Asian efficiencies since 1979. Made of the finest grade quality steel, each unit has special heat transmitting properties for fast, even heat distribution. Plus, waterless cooking in a sealed environment keeps almost all of the nutrients that are lost through boiling or steam. Your meals won’t just taste better, they’ll be healthier also! We are proud to bring to you the highest quality cookware and unmatched customer satisfaction.
Key Features
The TempAlert Knob

The Platinum TempAlert Knob lets you know, at a glance, if you are using the correct temperature. By looking at your TempAlert Knob you will know whether to increase or decrease the temperature. Enjoy reduced cooking time and eliminate pot-watching.

The Cradle & Trivet Feature

Cover cradles conveniently in Handle. Never worry again as to where to place that cover during cooking.

Additionally, all covers function as Trivets. Enjoy your dish, straight from the stove to the table.

Platinum Exclusive Polishing

Platinum is constructed using the finest quality 24-element steel. The Platinum Exclusive Polishing (PEP) is perfect for easy clean-up and faster cooking.

The PEP finish virtually eliminates corrosion, pitting, and reaction with your food, preserving the nutritional integrity of your food.