With just a TOUCH

With just a touch you can transform your home in minutes. Day to day life can be crazy and cleaning sometimes just get put on the back burner. That with where our timer function is a true game changer. 

Turn on your machine and touch the timer for 15,30,45 or 60 minute air wash. 

Some customers prefer to set the timer when it is off, you can set for the same time increments but your Touch for example will turn on 60 minutes later, wash the air for 60 minutes then turn itself off. Most customers do this twice per day, once while they are sleeping and again prior to leaving for work. 

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User Testimonial

Jessica Simon

With two dogs and kids sometimes it is hard to keep up with work and cleaning day to day. With my Touch it has changed our household being able to hit a timer and go. I love air cleaning at night so when I wake up our home smells and feels so fresh.


– Tina


Key points

User Testimonial

Jessica Simon

I am extremely impressed with this company’s air purifiers as they effectively clean the air in my home without the use of harmful chemicals.